The penthouses of PURE173 are ideal homes for all those aspiring to perfection. Above the roofs of the city, with an expansive view from their terraces over Weißer See, the luxurious penthouses provide a real feeling of elation and grandeur.

The perfectly designed maisonette apartments of PURE173 provide a generous living area extending over two floors – thus creating the impression of living in a house within a house. Intelligently designed floor plans together with exciting vistas give rise to almost magical images.

The maisonettes provide an extra- ordinary foundation for a variety of different stages in life and cleverly combine style, flexi- bility and individuality to create a harmonious living experience.

The apartments of PURE173 provide ample space for inspiration. As with the penthouses and maisonettes, their efficient, carefully designed floor plans allow the light to flow freely from east to west.

The interior design speaks for itself – joining the interior with the exterior through floor-to-ceiling windows and creating living spaces in which anything is possible.

List of Units

Name Floor Zimmer Size Status Grundriss Anfrage
Home WE 010168 QMFrei
Home WE 0203119 QMFrei
Home WE 0304139 QMFrei
Home WE 0414104 QMFrei
Home WE 0514107 QMReserviert
Home WE 0613.5111 QMVerkauft
Home WE 0724108 QMReserviert
Home WE 0823.5111 QMReserviert
Home WE 092262 QMFrei
Home WE 1034104 QMFrei
Home WE 1134107 QMFrei
Home WE 1233.5111 QMFrei
Home WE 133261 QMFrei
Home WE 1444107 QMFrei
Home WE 1543.5111 QMVerkauft
Home WE 1654157 QMFrei
Home WE 1754122 QMFrei
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